Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wind Blows

We have been in Maryland for 2.5 weeks now. The autumn wind has been blowing and we have enjoyed the coolness that has for so long eluded us while in Dallas. We can once again feel the hint of winter on its way.

We enjoyed eating the fresh produce--gardens are just on their way out here--of corn, tomatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, squash, tomatoes. We helped Becky (Corey's mom) can 37 pints of salsa. One can get tired of chopping tomatoes but never tires of eating them.

Cora has a swing in the yard and enjoys it profusely. She is learning so much and growing every day! She repeats many of the words that we say like Mama, Dada, ticket, zeezee (glasses), god-da-god (she says this a good bit but it's funniest when we're talking about going to church or to say a prayer). Corey claims she even said her own version of cockadoodledoo. Her new tricks include---drawing, using a fork (well, today she got her egg on it and got it to her mouth), walking really fast and "mooching" for whatever someone else is eating.

Chloe, the dog, spends her time sleeping, looking for falling food from the high chair and chasing Pierre, the cat. She also enjoy walks around the neighborhood and the cool air makes her super hyper.

Corey and I are working towards our support. We know it's a long road but have faith that God will provide. To know more about our ministry, see our blogspot http://friendfamilyatwvu.blogspot.com