Friday, June 6, 2008

Blogging ends up being a quarterly thing for us!

It has been a dog's age since we last posted on this site. Sorry bout that to any loyal "blog-checkers"! We have been moving alla around as usual. We are soooo ready to have a place we call home!!!!!!!!! (could I put enough exclamation marks?) We are still raising our necessary montly support and at last we have broken 55%. It may seem like we've been doing this for a long time to many of you (as it does to us), but it is no easy task to raise all the necessary funds to fund years of ministry- where we can dedicate ourselves fully to reaching college students. It has been a time of seeing so many caring people show us grace by lending a hand or by investing in the awesome ministry God has put before us. We are praying that a miracle will get us to campus before that clutch 1st week of class. If we don't reach the students that 1st week we'll be playing catch-up for the next 4 years of their college life.


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