Friday, June 20, 2008

House Hunting

Who woulda thought that trying to buy a house is as confusing and complicated as creating the atom bomb. Christina and I have been house-hunting for a while now and we have come to a couple of conclusions...

People want more for a home than they are worth.
"Spatious yard" means the yard is on a 45degree slant.
"Classic home" means old and falling down.
"Privacy" means overgrown bushes and a yard that no one want to walk into.
"Great starter home" means you can afford this because it is a piece of trash.
And most other "realtor terms" are designed to mislead and romaticise junky homes.

So alas, we have a couple that we befriended back in our college years and they called us out of the blue and told us they wanted to sell their home. We're excited about that. The price seems about right and the style is older but we like that. It's a neat place- and we're wrestling whether we should jump on it. Please be praying that we make the right decision and that we can raise enough monthly support for the bank to give us a mortgage in Sept. Honestly I didn't know if we would ever get a home-- since it seems like we've been without a place of our own for years! We're so excited to be moving into this new stage!


Ashley House said...

yay for two blogs in one month! just kidding!

E is Me said...

YAY!! Good luck on the house...whether you decided on it or not...whatever happens is meant to be!! We hope all is well with you three!! Miss ya bunches!!