Monday, June 23, 2008

The waiting game

In our fast food culture (piggy backing off the House's 30-day fast from fast-food)it's not just hard to eat healthy, it's hard to wait! We're finding that sometimes God puts momentum to a vision much slower than we might want or think. I'm learning the discipline of simply being. I guess what I mean is that sometimes we are so focused on the successes that we neglect other aspects that could be just as important. "Stopping to smell the roses". You know, who we become when we get focused on a goal and the tunnel-vision clouds anything else from mattering as much as it should. It's a human weakness. MAybe we should enjoy the wait and check out that drive-thu landscaping a little more closely next time we stop for a burger. Who knows what great lessons might be waiting in the McD's parking lot! Back to the fast-food mindset... to illustrate my own learnings:

Late last year we moved in temporarily with my parents in hopes of getting to Morgantown ASAP. Operation Cru at WVU was under way! But when our support was coming in slower than we hoped we had a tendency to complain. But thank God that He kept me patient enough to be a part of my mom's new journey with God (she told me I could write about mentoring her through her walk with Christ but I told her I would keep the details to a minimum). Operation Cru at WVU has changed direction a bit... it's more like Operation " Let God use me when and whereever He wants me. We are still "stoked" to be going to WVU to minister to students there but we love what God is doing with us in the in between. I'd have to say I'm beginning to understand that learning patience and perseverance aren't just methods of God's cruel torture--- they actually can teach us something. Huh! Who woulda thunk it. I'm learning to wait on God. I hope I've gotten better at living in the in-between.

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